Thank you so much for coming see our new piece, Layers, today.

This story is based on the memories with my own family, weaving the episodes of Reverend Ian, who was diagnosed with dementia, we lived with in Scotland in 2019. 

When we met Oto-san (meaning “a father” in Japanese, we called Ian as “Oto-san”, by which we believe he understood we mentioned him), he already had severe dementia and was in the care of regular check-ups, helpers and the support of a devoted family.

During those hard days, the wife of Oto-san (no doubt we call her “Oka-san” meaning “a mother” in Japanese) welcomed us, who arrived from the far east country, and let us stay with them.

We spent the very ordinary days with this beautiful couple having meals together, walking together, praying at church together. We celebrated our birthdays together, sang together and sometimes assisted Oto-san’s excretion.

Their house was filled with photos of their family memories. One day, Oka-san talked about one photo of a dog.

One morning after spending around 6 months with them, Oka-san shouted out our names. Then we found Oto-san lying down in the corridor. A young helper tried to carry Oto-san to his bed, but it seemed so hard for him to carry a man with 190cm-height. Oto-san’s mouth was full of foam the whole time.

While I worked with the helper to move a mattress, Oka-san was totally in a fluster. Then we just managed to lay Oto-san on it.  Eventually the foam around his mouth disappeared and Oka-san kept repeating the prayer.

3 years passed.

Having returned to Japan, I came to spend more time with my own father and listen to the same story repeated by him, who walked the dog every day, with worries about Oka-san we had left behind. At such a time,  I was unexpectedly given the opportunity to create.

This will be the first work in Japan for almost 10 years, and is also the one we will be presenting at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August 2023.

This story is dedicated to Oto-san, MAX, the dog, and Oka-san, who has been waiting for us in Scotland. 

本日は Layers にご来場頂きまして誠に有難うございます。



そんな慌ただしい日々の中でも “お父さん” の妻(以下、お母さん)は遠い東の国からやってきた私たちを快く迎えてくれました。


家には沢山の思い出の写真が飾られていて、その中には1枚の犬の絵がありました。”お母さん” はその絵のことも話してくれました。





毎日の犬の散歩が日課の実の父が繰り返す同じ話に耳を傾けながら、残してきた “お母さん” の身を案じる日々の中、不意に創作するチャンスに恵まれました。

約10年ぶりの日本での創作活動となり、2023年8月にEdinburgh Festival fringe に出品する作品でもあります。

この作品を “お父さん” と “MAX” へ。そしてスコットランドで待つ “お母さん” に届けるために。


Sound / Lighting_Masayuki TOMIYAMA 

Staging_fringe JAPAN 

Technical Advisors_Chiharu KURONUMA,

          Teruki OKAMOTO,



Design_Yuuya ISHIZONE

Filming_Naoki YOSHIMOTO

Producer_Maddy YAMASHITA

Supported by Makoto SATO, Kenji SHIMADA

Presented by doublet


音響 照明_冨山雅之

舞台技術_fringe JAPAN

技術協力_黒沼千春 岡本晃樹






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